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Dr. Miguel Montoya
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Karen, D -- San Diego, CA
Gloria -- Santa Rosa, CA
Roberto, V -- Chula Vista, CA
"Dr. Montoya was very gentle and explained dental treatment in detail"
"I needed three dental implants, I saved more than 50% of the estimate from my local dentist, I was picked up at airport and transported to my hotel and office, overall I loved the attention they gave me, they were very polite and friendly and the results, Amazing"
"Very professional dental clinic, only did dental treatment that was needed, Dr Montoya is an excellent dentist, very friendly and professional"
Maryann T -- San Diego, CA
"I was extremely pleased with my treatment, I was told by two US Dentists that I neede deep cleaning at $1,000, Dr Montoya after examination told me that all I needed is to floss my teeth every day. I have already recommended this clinic".
Frank, M -- Chula Vista, CA
"I had two old metal fillings with sensitivity replaced with resins, I did not have to wait in line at he border, they drove me to their office and took me back to the border"
Lillian, T.-- Encinitas, CA
"I Love DAS Dental and Dr. Montoya, I have had extensive cosmetic dental work including implants and I am thrilled with the results, I love my smile"
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