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A replacement for a crown or bridge can be held in place by a dental implant which acts as the new roots for a lost tooth . Although implants do involve placement into jaw bones of the patient, they are considered more conservative than a bridge because bridges require that the neighboring teeth be prepared for restoration as well.

Dental Implant restorations are considered very aesthetic and most patients are very pleased with the fact that they almost can't tell that they ever lost a tooth. In patients with missing teeth. Dental Implants have become the new gold standard for restoring the remaining spaces due to their durability. Due to the fact that implants incorporate in to the jaw bone, they help prevent bone loss and recession of gums frequently seen when bridges or dentures are used.
If you are in good general health, have adequate jaw bone and have healthy gums, you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. The Dental Implant procedure involves the placement of a small prosthetic post into the bone of the jaw that acts as an artificial root as the gum tissue and surronding bone cells heal around it. This process is called osseointegration. The dental implant replacement tooth is then attached to the new artificial root. The dental implant will look, feel and function like your natural tooth. With proper oral home care and regular dental visits, your dental implant can last you a lifetime.
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